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The war on waste continues at Bio Protect

Earlier this year we told the story of our visit to China to meet with our manufacturer to discuss working on more exciting items to add to our products. Those new products are arriving soon!

In December we will be stocking more of your single use disposable plastic items made in the oxo biodegradable plastic that has become so popular.

The War on Waste coverage and other activity from organisations in the media has many surgeries looking for an alternative to help them continue to use barriers and plastic disposables without the guilt. We are receiving more and more enquiries and customers are very happy with what we have to offer and with the quality.

These new products coming soon will reduce so much more of your daily waste impact on the environment as they are products that are used constantly and in abundance such as – sterilising
pouches, x-ray phosphor plate barriers, mixing wells and dappen dishes. All that plastic waste now made from the same oxobiodegradable plastic as our other items.

When you think about how many steri pouches you open and bin each day and how many times you replace the cover on your Xray phosphor plate, you will be making a real difference to the environment by using the Bio Protect range.
We have also added a larger Rubbish Bin Liner and Surgical Suction Tips to the range.

Everybody is worried about what we are doing to the environment with all our dental clinic waste, but most don’t want to stop using what we are using. At Bio Protect we are offering an alternative which doesn’t impact on your usual workplace practices. When it comes to price, our new products will be
available at our usual competitive prices.

Our soft plastic barriers and items break down completely in landfill within 1-2 years. The hard-plastic items can take 3 – 5 years. 

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Stock Update


We apologise for the long wait for the out of stock items and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Shipping delays, port closures and staff shortages due to Covid 19 continue to effect supply chains all over the world.