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Tattoo Studio Protective Equipment and Consumables

We have a range of products that are perfectly suited to the tattoo studio.Long Handpiece Barrier-0

Bio Protects oxo-biodegradable plastic protective drapes and other protective covers , plus other disposables are being used now in many diverse industries. Our products are helping workplaces create a Covid safe return to work. Tattoo Studios are using the Large Bracket Table Drapes as an extra protective cover on the treatment area and our Patient Bibs as a head rest and or on the bench top, Sticky Barrier for eftpos machines, door handles, and working handpiece equipment. Some prefer our Long Handpiece Barrier to provides good coverage on the handpiece equipment plus extra length .

Patient Bibs - Pastel Green - 33.5 cm x 45 cm 2 ply-0Sticky Barrier (Clear) - Roll of 1200 pieces - 15cm x 10cm-0  Sticky Barrier - Blue - Roll of 1200 pieces - 15cm x 10cm-0


Barrier covers aid in protecting surfaces from contamination and provide a quick effective change over between clients. Covering surfaces touched regularly by anyone who enters the environment, and a quick easy removal of those covers adds to everyone feeling confident that you are providing a Covid safe environment.

BIO PROTECT – Protecting patients, equipment and the environment

We supply plastic barriers for use in clinical environments made from a responsible and sustainable product, which is low in cost, disposable and helps protect our environment.

Our product is a cost effective, degradable plastic.

Use Bio Protect products and help save our environment.

To read more about our story and our products go to the following link:

About Bio Protect

Our Clients

We sell direct to Dental Practices throughout Australia. On average, one patient dental treatment visit uses 12 – 15 pieces of plastic barrier. That equates to a lot of plastic per day, in one dental surgery, going into our landfill.


We provide cost effective, degradable plastic barriers at very comparable prices. The 100% oxo-degradable material used will biodegrade into non toxic end products within 1- 2 years when discarded in landfill as opposed to conventional non degradable plastic products taking hundreds to thousands of years to degrade.

Order online. We deliver to you by courier within 24 – 48 hours in most cases.

Stock Update


We apologise for the long wait for the out of stock items and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Shipping delays, port closures and staff shortages due to Covid 19 continue to effect supply chains all over the world.