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No 73 – Bio Protect is Going Strong

Good products aren’t just available in the big city and not only available from the big companies. Regular readers would know the story of Bio Protect’s beginnings, but for those who don’t, they are a small family owned business based in rural Victoria. Starting with seven items on the product list, Bio Protect now has […]

No 72 – Why You Should Choose Bio Protect for Your Plastic Barriers

Cost effective Environmentally sustainable product Time saving Effective changeover Personal and friendly customer service Your dental assistant has a vital role in maintaining infection control in the surgery. With an effective use of barriers the amount of surface areas which become contaminated is minimised. With Bio Protect, you no longer have to worry about the […]

No 69B – News from Marie

Marie Durham, managing director of Willcharl trading as Bio Protect is proud of where the company has progressed to. Regular readers would already know the history of Bio Protects beginnings as a small family owned and run business which was developed through Marie’s working experiences as a dental assistant and as an educator and assessor […]

No 69A – Meet Our Melbourne Based Sales Rep, Lyla

Lyla Wilson is Bio Protects’ sales representative. Lyla began her career in dental nursing through the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne in the late 70’s, and has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of dental assisting in the private sector. She was a sales representative for Sensodyne for over four years, after which embarking […]

No 62 – Why Our Product is Better

Bio Protects “oxo-biodegrable” products are an environmentally friendly way of using plastic barriers and other disposables, but how and why? Bio Protect products are – Totally degradable products made from “normal” polyethylene – the same as most bags – but also contain a percentage by weight of a proprietary patented oxo-biodegradable additive known as TDPA […]

No 60 – Using Barriers or Wiping: Have you considered all aspects of your options?

Managing Director and Founder of Bio Protect discusses why she developed her own business with more environmentally friendly plastic disposables in dental settings. Through my work in the dental industry I could see, particularly with the use of barriers, how much plastic was going into the bins in one day of patient appointments. Not just […]

No 59 – New Products from Bio Protect (Grab Bags)

Save time and money with every procedure. One of Bio Protects oxo-biodegradable barriers has become a very popular item in their sales. The Grab Bag is designed for easy and practical use for retrieval processes whilst working chairside. Smaller than Tray Barrier/freezer bag style barriers which some clinics use for this purpose, the Grab Bag […]

No 58B – About Bio Protect

Bio Protect provides environmentally friendly EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastic disposable barriers and every other patient plastic disposable item. Bio Protect brings a more environmentally friendly solution to using barriers in the dental clinic. Marie Durham first thought of sourcing a more environmentally-friendly way of using barriers in the dental setting two years ago. It was an […]

No 58A – New Products from Bio Protect

EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC disposable dental items BIO PROTECT protects patient’s equipment and the environment with EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC disposable dental items. Bio Protect recently introduced more products and continue to make a difference to the environmental impact being made in dental clinics with new improved quality being introduced. When Bio Protect first introduced oxo-biodegradable products […]

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