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providing a confident return to dentistry– Post COVID-19 – by using effective infection control processes

Infection control is everybody’s major concern moving into post COVID 19. At Bio Protect we can help provide a confident return to dentistry– Post COVID-19 – by using effective infection control processes

Even our patients will now be more aware of what’s going on around them to ensure it is safe for them to be in your surgery.

Bio Protect has a great range of barriers to assist with maintaining infection control in the surgery aiding an efficient change over process. Whilst that issue will be first and foremost in everyone’s mind, most of us are more conscientious of our plastic waste in the environment.

Our plastic barriers provide protection with an environmentally sustainable product and we can provide customers who buy these products with a notice to display on the wall so that patients can see that you are using a more environmentally friendly option.

Barriers provide a visual of what should and should not be touched and also give the patients piece of mind.

You play a vital role in maintaining infection control in the surgery. With an effective use of barriers, the amount of surface areas which become heavily contaminated is minimised.

By developing effective processes in removing barriers without creating further cross contamination, changeover is fast and the amounts of bio burden or infectious matter requiring wiping is
Barriers also protect expensive equipment from dental materials and excessive use of cleaning agents.
Changeover process is quick using barriers, equipment protected, and you now have the choice to use an environmentally friendly product to do this.
Our range of barriers includes all the most regularly used such as handpiece and hose barriers in varying types, various tray barriers, portable light curing barriers and other equipment protection barriers.
However, we would like to highlight the small or large bracket table drape which provides full coverage of the whole working area of the bracket table, connections and tray.
Also worth considering are the grab bags, which are designed for easy and practical use for retrieval processes whilst working chairside. Smaller than tray barrier/freezer bag style barriers which some clinics use for this purpose, the grab bag takes up less space on the bench. Using grab bags saves on gloves and time, leading to less cost and retaining your stock of gloves for longer. There is less changing of gloves and less time taken up in between tasks. Grab Bags are a great way of working
chairside and performing tasks such as retrieval from drawers, dispensing and mixing materials and even accessing the computer.It takes the place of removing gloves and performing hand hygiene and
placing another new set of gloves on. We made sure the micron thickness of the oxo– biodegradable plastic used was enough so that the bag stays open for easier “hands in and out” during procedures,
yet is soft and pliable enough to perform the tasks required. The correct use of the bag is very important particularly maintaining the clean and dirty zones and the clean and dirty surface of the
bag. A new bag or bags is used for each patient.

Our products also include a range of other plastic disposable single use items. The most exciting new product is the steri pouches; so many of these pouches are discarded every day in our bins, in our surgeries and steri rooms. They are a vital item used in abundance to help with maintaining our sterilisation process, but ours take away the guilt associated with the plastic waste. Customers have been asking us to provide these in the oxobiodegradable plastic for such a long time expressing their concern about how many are discarded into the waste. We are just so happy that our manufacturer has finally been able to provide this.
Bio Protect products are made from epi oxo-biodegradable plastic whichdegrades in landfill within 1 – 2 years (barriers) or 3 – 5 years (harder plastic items), with a shelf life of 2 – 5 years.

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We apologise for the long wait for the out of stock items and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Shipping delays, port closures and staff shortages due to Covid 19 continue to effect supply chains all over the world.