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Now more than ever Bio Protect is the brand you need to consider

Now more than ever Bio Protect is the brand you need to consider

The War on Waste is big in Australia right now as is The War on Germs

Why choose Bio Protect?

  • Cost Effective 
  • Aiding in Minimising Cross Infection
  • Environmentally Sustainable Product
  • Personal and Friendly Customer Service

The Dental Assistant has a vital role in maintaining infection control in the surgery. With an effective use of barriers, the amount of surface areas which become contaminated is minimised. With Bio Protect you no longer have to worry about the plastic waste and its environmental effect, or the expense. 

When a DA develops effective processes in removing barriers without creating further cross contamination, changeover is fast and the number of surfaces and amounts of bio burden requiring wiping is reduced.   Barriers protect expensive equipment from dental materials and excessive use of cleaning agents. Barriers provide a visual of what should and should not be touched which gives the patients piece of mind. Customers who buy these products from us can be provided with a notice to display on the wall so that patients can see that they are using a more environmentally friendly option. “Our products include a range of plastic barriers as well as other plastic disposable single use items. Customers are always surprised by the price. Changeover process is quick using barriers, equipment protected, and you now have the choice to use an environmentally friendly product to do this.

Bio Protect products are made from epi oxo-biodegradable plastic which degrades in landfill within 1 – 2 years (barriers) or 3 – 5 years (harder plastic items), with a shelf life of 2 – 5 years.  They are sold at a very competitive price, not only making a change to the environment but also your supply budget.

Bio Protects “oxo-biodegradable” products are an environmentally friendly way of using plastic barriers and other disposables.

“We developed Bio Protect after many years working in the dental industry and the realisation of how much a dental clinic can affect the damage to the environment.  We are a smaller family-based company offering a friendly personalised quality customer service, which our customers love. One stop shopping with larger supply companies may be convenient but items like ours are often more expensive there.”

Now Bio Protect is making further progress with their War on Waste in the Dental Surgery. “Everybody is worried about what we are doing to the environment with all our dental clinic plastics waste and we are trying to help you make a difference.  We have listened to your requests for more items. Our new products are good quality and available at our usual competitive prices.”

Bio Protect now stock all these oxo-biodegradable plastic requirements many of which are used for every patient: –

  • Barriers
  • Patent Bibs
  • Samples Carry Bags
  • Zip Lock Bags
  • High and Slow Speed Suction Tips
  • Surgical Suction Tips – New Product!
  • Microbrush Tip applicators
  • Mixing Wells – New Product!
  • Dappen Dishes – New Product!
  • Adhesive Bib Holders- New Product!
  • Xray Phosphor Plate Barriers – New Product!
  • Steri Pouches – New Product!
  • Disposable cups
  • Rubbish Bin Liners 35-40Litre
  • Rubbish Bin Liners 70 Litre – New Product!

Marie Durham, Managing Director of Bio Protect, says “The most exciting new product is the steri pouches. Over my career in the Dental Assisting Programs I have seen so many bins in so many surgeries and steri rooms, filled with all the used pouches. Customers have been asking us to provide these in the oxo- biodegradable plastic for such a long time expressing their concern about how many are discarded into the waste. We are just so happy that our manufacturer has finally been able to provide this. We happily send out sample packs on request. All products and prices can be viewed on the website “

Stock Update


We apologise for the long wait for the out of stock items and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Shipping delays, port closures and staff shortages due to Covid 19 continue to effect supply chains all over the world.