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No 73 – Bio Protect is Going Strong

Good products aren’t just available in the big city and not only available from the big companies. Regular readers would know the story of Bio Protect’s beginnings, but for those who don’t, they are a small family owned business based in rural Victoria. Starting with seven items on the product list, Bio Protect now has a catalogue of 25 items and continues to build on these gradually. The products are cost effective degradable plastic – barriers and other plastic single use items used for every patient.

Marie Durham, Managing Director and founder of the company says, “The business is increasing consistently and continuously. Thank you to all our loyal customers who started ordering from us at the very beginning and still remain with us, increasing their list of items on their order as we increase our available items in our products list. Our customer base increases continuously and we want to also thank everyone who has come on board and given us their business. It just goes to show that anything is possible.”

The product is degradable to non–toxic end products within 1-2 years when discarded in landfill. (3-5 years for the harder plastic items). In comparison, traditional plastics take hundreds to thousands of years to break down.

Initially, the majority of sales were in Victoria only. Now sales are national with clients from Ballarat to as far away as Perth and Cairns and beyond. The products are now also listed on the National Product Catalogue with GS1 and are contracted to the Health Purchasing Victoria Dental Consumables catalogue.

“Supporting small business is an Aussie motto seen and heard everywhere. We appreciate that our customers are supporting us as a small business competing against the big supply companies,” says Marie.

“Owning a small business, in turn, makes us here at Bio Protect more aware of considering small business ourselves, both in business and personal purchases.

“We are really proud to be offering a quality product at a great price, quality customer service and products to help dental professionals use more environmentally friendly product in their daily work practices.”

Delivery is most times within 2- 3 day delivery (longer for WA and far North QLD).

Read more about the company story on our website. 
For more information contact Marie on 0407 837 267 or email

Stock Update


We apologise for the long wait for the out of stock items and appreciate your patience. Thank you!


Shipping delays, port closures and staff shortages due to Covid 19 continue to effect supply chains all over the world.