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No 69B – News from Marie

Marie Durham, managing director of Willcharl trading as Bio Protect is proud of where the company has progressed to. Regular readers would already know the history of Bio Protects beginnings as a small family owned and run business which was developed through Marie’s working experiences as a dental assistant and as an educator and assessor for Cert III Dental Assisting.

Her observations of the amount of plastic waste used in the dental clinical settings prompted her to find a workable more environmentally friendly substitute for the material used to make barriers and other plastic every patient disposable item. Victorian based sales began throughout the state and are now Australia wide.

“I am really proud to say that our products have become widely used across Australia and that they are regarded as good quality and very competitive in price compared to the same products available in regular plastic.

“We have now also become a provider of employment opportunities, outside of the family base. We have more hands on in the warehouse and Lyla Wilson is becoming well known as a visiting rep with her enthusiastic approach to introducing the product.

Our most recent development is a successful application to tender with Health Purchasing Victoria’s (HPV) Dental Requisites catalogue, giving access to products for all mandated Victorian public health services and hospitals contracted to ordering from this catalogue.

The high product standards and quality expected and set by HPV meant that the tender process was very extensive and requires a huge amount of evidence to prove you have a quality and standards approved product.

Already on the register for Therapeutic Goods Australia, we are now required to be registered with GS1 Australia and the GS1 recall net, and to have our products listed in the National Product Catalogue. We are working toward the GS1 system for barcoding currently.”

(GS1 Australia is the leading provider of standards and solutions for over 20 industry sectors. Manufacturers and retailers worldwide rely on the GS1 system.)

Marie is urging all Victorian public health services and hospitals contracted to HPV to look for the Bio Protect products in the Dental Requisites catalogue. Note: Supplier name is stated as Willcharl.

By opting for our barriers and any of our other disposables available you can feel good about making a difference to the environment whilst enjoying a very competitive price.

For more information on the products contact Marie on 0407 837 267 or

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