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No 59 – New Products from Bio Protect (Grab Bags)

Save time and money with every procedure.

One of Bio Protects oxo-biodegradable barriers has become a very popular item in their sales.

The Grab Bag is designed for easy and practical use for retrieval processes whilst working chairside.

Smaller than Tray Barrier/freezer bag style barriers which some clinics use for this purpose, the Grab Bag takes up less space on the bench. Using Grab Bags saves on gloves and time. There is less changing of gloves and less time taken up in between tasks.

Managing Director of Bio Protect Marie Durham says, “Grab Bags are a great way of working chairside and performing tasks such as retrieval from drawers, dispensing and mixing materials and even accessing the computer. It takes the place of removing gloves and performing hand hygiene and placing another new set of gloves on, which is the process required under the ADA Infection Control Guidelines, if not using a barrier.

Grab Bag 24 cm x 22 cm -0

We made sure the micron thickness of the oxo–biodegradable plastic used was enough so that the bag stays open for easier “hands in and out” during procedures, yet is soft and pliable enough to perform the tasks required.

The correct use of the bag is very important particularly maintaining the clean and dirty zones and the clean and dirty surface of the bag. A new bag or bags is used for each patient.

Having been involved with teaching and assessing in dental assistant training programs, I am aware these programs have a strong commitment and requirement to ensure that all DA graduates are competent in skills and knowledge related to their job role and according to the competency in the training packages and the ADA Guidelines. One of these skills is the use of various non-touch techniques which may include the use of clean barriers placed over contaminated gloves to retrieve from cupboards and to dispense dental materials during clinical procedures. Our Grab Bags are perfect for this”.

Bio Protect Grab Bags can be purchased direct through Bio Protect @ $14.30 per box/500. Item no GB09.

All products from Bio Protect are made of oxo-biodegradable plastic and the range includes many of your “every patient “disposable items such as barriers, suction tips, micro brush tip applicators, mouth rinse cups and more. By using Bio Protect Products dental clinics can be more environmentally friendly at a very competitive price.

For more information contact Marie on 0407 837 267 or email

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