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No 58A – New Products from Bio Protect

Tray Barrier / multi purpose on a roll. Inner core for use on roller dispenser 46 cm x 24.5 cm with 4.5 cm expandable gussets-0

EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC disposable dental items

BIO PROTECT protects patient’s equipment and the environment with EPI OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC disposable dental items. Bio Protect recently introduced more products and continue to make a difference to the environmental impact being made in dental clinics with new improved quality being introduced.

When Bio Protect first introduced oxo-biodegradable products to dental industry it was solely a supplier of plastic barriers. Now they have advanced to carrying a supply of more ‘every patient’ plastic disposable items at a very competitive price made from the same oxo-biodegradable material as their barriers. Improvements have also being made to their initial barrier stock items.

Dental professionals can now boast that they are using an environmentally friendly range when patients comment on how much plastic they use. Bio Protect also provides wall posters informing their patients that they are using degradable plastic disposables. Bio Protect founder and Managing Director, Marie Durham explains, “Once we realised clients were happy about an alternative to regular plastic we moved on to making improvements and expanding our range. Clients were asking for the other plastic items to be available in the oxo-biodegradable material. We now have slow speed and high speed suction tips, micro brush tip applicators, bibs and disposable cups.

“In regard to our initial stock, improvements were made on the triplex handpiece barrier (with or without a slit). This item would be the most commonly used barrier item. Clients were finding our initial stock to be sometimes difficult to open due to the plastic being clingy and some of the packaging was not user friendly for efficient changeover processes.”

After a visit to China to consult with their manufacturer and address some of the issues, Bio Protect’s latest stock of Triplex Handpiece Barrier is a softer, non- sticky, easy to open plastic. It is also more comfortable for the operator to handle on their equipment. The packaging is now in a neat slim line box of 500 with an opening at the top. The complete Bio Protect barrier range has incorporated the same improvements.

The Tray Barrier Multi Purpose in a flat pack – Another new feature is the packaging for the Tray Barrier Multi Purpose. This is still available on a roll, like the traditional produce roll commonly used, but is now available in a flat pack of 500. The Tray Barrier Multi Purpose in a flat pack which allows for fast efficient removal one at a time from the box, reduces time in the changeover process in the surgery and limiting handling.

Bio Protect is located in Gordon, Victoria and supplies direct to customers nationally.

For more information and details about the products and the material used, contact Marie directly on 0407 837 267 or via email

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