Hospitality Customer Contact Protective Equipment

We have a range of products that are perfectly suited to the hospitality industry.

Restaurants , cafes and front of house staff in the Hospitality Industry are finding some of Bio Protects products helpful to keep themselves and their patrons safe  during customer contact, when returning to a Covid safe normal life. Our Sticky Barrier is being used on eftpos machines and door handles our Grab Bags for quick retrieval of foods or items, and our Triplex Handpiece Barriers or Material Syringe Covers as a pen cover.


Barrier covers aid in protecting surfaces from contamination and provide a quick effective change over in the hospitality industry,  between customers and visiting contractors and delivery service providers . Covering surfaces touched regularly by anyone who enters the environment, and a quick easy removal of those covers adds to everyone feeling confident that you are providing a Covid safe environment with many aspects of customer contact.



BIO PROTECT – Protecting patients, equipment and the environment

We supply plastic barriers for use in clinical environments made from a responsible and sustainable product, which is low in cost, disposable and helps protect our environment.

Our product is a cost effective, degradable plastic.

Use Bio Protect products and help save our environment.

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