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Frequently Asked Questions

The following information answers frequently asked questions about our product such as:-

What is the product made of?

How is it different to products made from conventional plastics?

How does it degrade ?

Is it more expensive than the products made from conventional plastics ?

Is it visually different or less durable?

Is the product toxic?

About our product

Our product is a cost effective, degradable plastic.

It is made of EPI ( Environmental Plastics Inc.) 100% oxo-biodegrable material (ASTM 6954-04, EPI cert no. 3010508303).

This material is plastic, with TDPA ( Totally Degrable Plastics Additives) added. TDPA when added in small quantities to the most common and widely used commodity resins during the manufacture of finished plastic products, causes the modified plastic to degrade at a controlled rate. EPI’S TDPA formulations catalyse or accelerate the degradation rate of plastics, increasing the rate of degradation by 100’s – 1000’s of times faster. The overall process from polymer to water, carbon dioxide and bio-mass is called oxo-biodegradation. Test results and proven scientific studies have verified that TDPA incorporated products degrade, disintegrate and biodegrade.

When discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen, it will biodegrade, decomposing into simple materials found in nature. The product is degradable to non-toxic end products within 1 – 2 years, when discarded in landfill.

EPI’s proven TDPA technology is the most practical and economical way available today to accomplish this. Biodegradable plastics incorporating TDPA perform as well as and are visually indistinguishable from conventional non-degrable plastic products. They are also compatible with existing recycling operations and can be safely commingled with conventional plastic inputs prior to the onset of degradation.

Degradable products made from EPI technology are non-toxic. TDPA products are food contact compliant and meet applicable US, European and Canadian Standards. The compliance is supported by scientific testing and published test reports that enable EPI to provide legitimate environmental claim statements. Published works has also demonstrated that compost made from plastics incorporating TDPA has no toxic effect on sensitive plant or animal life.


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