Bio Protect is making further progress with their War on Waste in the dental surgery.

Everybody is worried about what we are doing to the environment with all our dental clinic plastics waste and we are trying to help you make a difference.

At Bio Protect we are offering an alternative which doesn’t impact on your usual workplace practices.

When it comes to price and quality, our new products are good quality and available at our usual competitive prices.

With these new additions to our range we are now stocking almost all your oxobiodegradable plastic requirements for one general treatment set up:

  • Barriers
  • Patent Bibs
  • Samples Carry Bags
  • Zip Lock Bags
  • High and Slow Speed Suction Tips
  • Surgical Suction Tips – New Product!
  • Microbrush Tip applicators
  • Mixing Wells – New Product!
  • Dappen Dishes – New Product! Adhesive Bib Holders- New Product!
  • Xray Phosphor Plate Barriers – New Product!

That’s a lot of plastic per patient per day per operator going into landfill. Your same but regular plastic items take hundreds to thousands of years to degrade, but our oxobiodegradable soft plastic barriers break down completely in landfill within 1- 2 years.

The hard-plastic items can take 3 – 5 years.

And there are also these regular plastic disposable items cluttering our bins daily:

  • Steri Pouches – New Product!
  • Disposable cups

And now stocking in 2 sizes:

  • Rubbish Bin Liners 35-40Litre
  • Rubbish Bin Liners 70 Litre – New Product!

Marie Durham, Managing Director of Bio Protect, says, “The most exciting new product is the steri pouches. Over my career in the dental assisting programs I have seen so many bins in so many surgeries and steri rooms filled with all the used pouches.

Customers have been asking us to provide these in the oxo- biodegradable plastic for such a long time expressing their concern about how many are discarded into the waste.

We are just so happy that our manufacturer has finally been able to provide this. We happily send out sample packs on request.

A whole range of new products!