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Protecting Patients, Equipment, and the Environment
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We are making Dental Practice more environmentally friendly by supplying barriers made from degradable plastic. Plastic barriers have become widely used in dental practice and the health industry to assist with infection control. They are an effective way of protecting equipment and surfaces to prevent cross infection, minimising the use of surface detergents and disinfectants.

Products from our range that are classed as medical devices are included on the Register of Therapeutic Goods in Australia

Our Products

We supply plastic barriers for use in dental clinics made from a responsible and sustainable product, which is low cost and disposable and helps protect our environment.

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Did you know?

The average cost to barrier equipment for one patients restorative treatment visit is approximately 55 cents. That includes barriers for triplex, high speed and slow speed handpieces, suction, suction rest, bracket table, instrument tray, light handles and two grab bags for retrieval processes.
Changeover time between patients when using barriers effectively is approximately 2 minutes. Changeover between patients where barriers are not used requires effective coverage and use of a product to wipe equipment and surfaces and takes approximately 5 minutes.
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